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Luke Taylor

A dreamer that takes action to empower change


Transferring evidenced based research into practice. Bridging the gap between science and practical application. Learning first hand and paving the way for others to make the change.



“Empowering Kiwis to be World-class”


We identify underlying issues limiting your true potential and build from the foundation up.


Developed in NZ and Aptly named because 70% of the earth is covered in water, we make products that empower swimmers to achieve their personal bests.

Evolution Cycles

When it comes to anything bike, Evo are the experts that live and breath cycling. Not only do we stock NZ’s biggest range of bikes at some of the best pricing around, but our staff can help with expert advice to make sure you get the right bike for your style of riding and ability.


Tom & Luke Bars and Balls are the high fibre, high protein, high fat snacks of the future.

Tired of seeing people fill up on sugary snacks with minimal nutritional value, Tom & Luke set out to make a healthier and tastier alternative for people on the go.


Relax, Detox, Rebalance & Revive…

Floatation Therapy:

Enjoy a zero gravity, sensory deprived environment that allows you to truly escape, regroup and reset your mind, body and spirit.


“State-of-the-art” sport testing, clinical testing and consulting services.

Multi-disciplinary services to enhance performance and wellbeing.

Floatation Therpy: Worth the Hype?

By now you have probably heard about floatation therapy, with its quick growth in popularity. Although there is nothing new about floatation therapy, John C. Lilly back in 1954 began using them to study sensory deprivation. He was pursuing the origins of consciousness...

Mental Toughness: Is too much a bad thing?

Mental toughness is a measure of individuals resilience and confidence and is a key predictor of success in sport and in life Put simply: “Get comfortable being uncomfortable” Mental toughness is a learned skill, it is not something that comes easy as for anything...

Pursuing My Dream

When starting out on the journey of pursuing my “Impossible” goal of completing an Ironman after being told I would never run again. I never thought I would reach the point where I now find myself. Not only have I now completed an Ironman, but I have also represented...

World Championship Race Recap: Find out how I got Disqualified

3:30am Here we go! It is race day, I  jump out of bed with excitement and tight schedule of last min mobility and getting in an early breakfast and coffee to allow time for digestion pre-race. Pre-Race Breakfast This is something I often get asked about as a fat...

Race Week: Gold Coast World Championships

Not one to travel lightly I arrived with not only all my triathlon gear but I decided to chuck in a surfboard as well. I couldn't go to surfers paradise without a board right? On arriving at our home for the week, I could not of asked for any more thanks Kay Stockman...

Before I Fly: Gold Coast World Championships

Back in the perfect writing zone up in the air with no distractions. After a chaotic few weeks getting my final training in around my already busy schedule I am finally up in the air on route to Australia and have  done all I can do to prepare myself, and now it is...

Bike Crash: When you realise your life can change in a second!!

  While biking back into the Mount along Marine Parade at Mt Maunganui on Saturday the 23rd of June, I had a motorist come from the other side of the road and T-bone me. It sent me flying up into their windscreen as they turned into Tay street.    My whole right...

Part 2 Fuel Analysis: The Wholefood Fat Adapted Athlete

Being a early adopter of wholefoods for racing has posed a few challenges due to the lack of previous application and this often leaves you having to learn through trial and error, or the ‘hard way’. This was one of those times, but in this case it was more of a...

IRONMAN Reflection: Part 1

Wow what an unbelievable experience! The journey to Ironman surpassed all my expectations, it was greater than I could of ever comprehended. Now accomplished I thought I would use this time to reflect on my journey towards the race and the race itself and then touch...


BANG!! (Start Cannon) We were off! A reasonably spread out field from the start-line so there was not too much chaos. My first thoughts that this wouldn't be a 'fighty swim' was quickly removed once we reached the first buoy when fists began to start flying and people...