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Back in the perfect writing zone up in the air with no distractions.

After a chaotic few weeks getting my final training in around my already busy schedule I am finally up in the air on route to Australia and have  done all I can do to prepare myself, and now it is all about freshening up for my race on Sunday. After what has felt like an extremely long and cold winter I could not wait to escape to heat of the Gold Coast.

Am I ready?

After my bike crash a couple months ago it has not been the ideal race preparation, but when does everything go to plan? You just have to roll with the punches and do the best with the card that you have been dealt. It would of been easy to pull the  pin on racing, but what would that achieve? Instead I decided to harness the negative situation and translate it into a positive. I began to view the crash as an opportunity to get some first hand experience coming back from a crash, something many of my clients face sadly at one point or another. Just like everything at Taylored Health & Performance, I like to test it out on myself so here was another opportunity to do just that. 

With no time to waste I dived head first implementing strategies as soon as I was back in the ambulance right through to today. In a future article I will dive deeper into exactly what it all involved but for the time being I want to focus on the race at hand. No I am not at my best but I have made the most out of a bad situation and with an extremely busy schedule recently, I have been able to tie in some great training sessions thanks to Coach Simon Cochrane. Such as my final race simulation brick session on Sunday. One of the toughest sessions I have ever done but as a sadistic triathlete who loves pain it was amazing! Leaving me with some confidence that it is coming together nicely. However, The race will be the true test.

Race Simulation:

1:40 Ride:

  • 15min Warm up
  • 5x 1min 330 Watts / 1min Easy
  • 10min Steady
  • 20min 270 Watts
  • 10min Steady
  • 10min 295 Watts
  • 5min Steady
  • 5min 325 Watts

Run off the bike: Broke my watch so did mostly off feel so no numbers sadly

  • 3km at goal race effort
  • 1min walk
  • 2km at goal race effort
  • 2min walk
  • 1km at HARD effort
  • Real easy to finish

Current Stress

As per usual I  am a little too casual for my own good and for my wallet….

While over at my parents for dinner on Sunday night, I picked up my passport to realise that it had expired…. 2 days before I fly S**T! Not only this. I was still waiting on my tri suit that was getting my sponsors logos put on. Therefore with 2 days to sort out the two most important items for my trip. Pressure was on! While a first time with expire, passport I wish I could say it was the same for my race suit. Last World Champs It got a couple days before flying and Ironman I got it the day before… Hopefully this time I learn my lesson.

As you are aware I made the flight but as you can imagine this made for a couple stressful moments. A special shout out has to go to my best friend Mike Sangster who saved the day! Thankfully living up in Auckland he was able to pick up both my passport and tri suit for me. I can not thank him enough for this and then drop me off at the airport after a night shift, such a legend!

On top of this all the additional stress was at time I had decided to undergo a coffee detox… The temptation was real, missing the helping hand from one of my good friends coffee and caffeine, I decided to view it as another great challenge to put all my mindfulness training into practice and detach myself from the stress and focused on actionable tasks to fix the situation.

Coffee Detox?

Why would I put myself through that kind of pain 2 weeks out from a race? Well I could say it was all performance driven but that would be lying… In all honesty my coffee filter handle broke. Which would not normally be a problem I would normally just go and hangout in a cafe but busy with minimal time to get my coffees from a cafe, I decided it was time! Well overdue if I am truly honest, I had continually put it on the back burner and thrown in the too hard basket as it is so easy to do. Those who know me know I love my coffee so it is not easy. To put in perspective I used to be shocking with 7 coffees per day, it was not unusual to go to a cafe and in one sitting order 3 coffees. However, in recent years due to getting in-charge of my adrenals I limited my coffees to 2 MAX per day. In the last few month that max had become the standard most days, I was reliant on my fix. So it was time!

As I write this I am day 10 and I won’t lie I miss it! It has been a challenge especially first few days. It is fair to say it has been an extremely unproductive 10 days for doing more creative tasks like writing but I sensed my body needed it. So I embraced it and didnt force anything instead used it as a time to rest my adrenals. Short term stress for long term gain some would say. However, as I am 10 days in now and I have written this in my flight I have passed the hump and feeling balanced energy levels and beginning to have my creative juices flowing back.

As I alluded to  beyond the health benefits, there are performance benefits as well. Just like any drug in big regular doses your response is dulled. By removing it for 2 weeks and reintroducing the day before the race I will regain the full effects of caffeine again and get that buzz that I love so much.

Why the day before?

Maybe this is my inner coffee addict justifying 1 less day. As logic would state you would get your biggest hit off your first coffee, not your second. However, racing is such a mental game so I decided to get my energy  boost the day before, as it would offer more confidence in the final lead up to the race. Giving me that mental edge that I had a successful tapper and that my body was ready to fire on all cylinders. Either that or I was just that excited to join a fellow fat adapted athlete Mike Sweatman to go to this keto cafe he had found…. Let’s go with both! 

By the way if in the Gold Coast, I can highly recommend Brio Emporium cafe, it is a must if you lead a high fat lifestyle.