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Not one to travel lightly I arrived with not only all my triathlon gear but I decided to chuck in a surfboard as well. I couldn’t go to surfers paradise without a board right?

On arriving at our home for the week, I could not of asked for any more thanks Kay Stockman for organising it. Not only did I get to stay with an awesome bunch of kiwi athletes, we got to do it in style in a mansion on the river with our own pool and jetti. No better place to do a taper and relax pre race. Sadly though with such a busy schedule of events and helping out at the Blueseventy stand for a day, it didn’t feel like we had too much time to enjoy it during the day but always nice to come home to a super chill environment.

Still on NZ time,every morning kicked off with an early start somewhere between 4-5am. Which was great as we managed to squeeze so much into our days. Often unaware of how early it was. I remember one morning being out on the bike for a course recon when I noticed the sun burning hot on my skin, I checked the time to realise it was on 7:30am! That pretty much sums up the weather we had, the Gold Coast truly put it on for us with some amazing weather! The trick or challenge was to not get burnt pre-race, easier said than done when you are out watching races all day. Thankfully I managed to escape it but race day was another thing though but I will talk about my race in my next post

With NZ having the second or third biggest team of athletes behind Australia, everyone seemed to be there and was a great opportunity to catch up with the team. Especially good to catch up with one of my Taylored sponsored athletes and good friend Malcolm King, who has spent the last 6 months over in Europe training and racing. I caught up with him following his first race where he came away with silver! After leading the swim and bike convincingly, he just got pipped on the run, sadly by an American who has a phenomenal run in his arsenal, so with executing the perfect race Malcolm was just unfortunate to be up against such a strong runner. Malcolm knowing my love for coffee had a long black waiting for me on arrival, this was a hard one to pass on but with a plan I need to stick to it, not long now!

Photos By Juliet King

After arriving Wednesday afternoon. There was plenty to keep us busy with loads of races to watch, including the sprint distance on the Thursday, this seemed to be a day of podiums for the kiwis with majority being silvers, followed by the under 23 elite race where we had plenty of kiwis in the mix with Tayler Reid taking out gold in spectacular fashion in the men’s division. Finally had the elite women on the Saturday afternoon the night before our race. With all the racing and our place being a little further from the venue we ended up being worn out by the end of the day after spending all day walking around in the sun. It was a fine balance that we were not really winning even with all the mobility each night so on Saturday afternoon a few of us decided to hit up P3 a recovery center for some magnesium contrast baths jumping between 15 degrees – 38 degrees – 10 degrees – 35 degrees pools to promote recovery.


With all the training in the bank and doing the best recovery we could do all that was left was to put everything to the test and pull together the best race I can.

Stay tuned for the next post where I will recap my race.